Environment Screen

OAD wader32 environment screen

The Environment display is the third stage in the range prediction process. The user marks a track (range over which propagation loss is required) on the Main Screen and this track can be seen on the track display chart bottom left.

The BEARING control is where the user selects the marked track or defines a specific bearing.

The DYNAMIC DATA control is used to upload water column data - temperature, salinity and sound speed profiles - in CPD, JJYY, JJVV or DTSV format.

The TIME FILTER control is where the user selects the time period within which water column data is displayed for insertion in the selected environment.

Centre left is the water column display for the selected track. The user drags the vertical range marker line across this display to obtain a continuous display of the profile at the line position and an analysis of the profile bottom right (layer depth, depth excess, CZ potential and sound channel analysis).